Morella is a patented drinks holder that you can attach to any and all umbrellas that also has a balanced-pivot design that minimises spills by using a drinks centre of gravity to keep it upright at all times. Additionally, Morella’s unique gravity fuelled swivel means that when the rain stops your folded umbrella can be turned into a portable drinks holder and stand! The perfect companion for coffee addicted daily commuters, festival goers and outdoor sports enthusiasts committed to enjoying the best of the British outdoors!

Oh, and if you're still wondering why Morella when there’s nothing new in coping with bad weather, umbrellas and outdoor fun with your mates then we have to point out our love of capturing the moment on our smartphone cameras and generally being a little social media addicted. We like staying in touch at Morella and aren’t going to let the rain get in the way of that!

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