Morella The idea- why?

Well, because whilst on holiday in Wales where, what a surprise, it was raining, in 2011 our beloved founder, festival enthusiast and madcap inventor Ross (aka 'Da Chairman'), had a flash of inspiration that would lead to the creation of a novel hands-free drinks holder specifically designed to fit onto any umbrella. Thus keeping drinks safe and upright so everyone could continue to use smartphones, Pebbles, camera's and anything else in the rain whilst staying dry and spill-free.

What Next?

Well, he had to tell his best friend of 30 years Andy of course! Just to see if two madcap brains combined could bring an end to the misery of spilt drinks, missed phone calls, delayed message responses, late Facebook and twitter updates and lost photo opportunities. And, as it happened the whole of the two brains combined ended up being greater than the sum of their individual parts and immediately one key additional feature was conceived; the holders must use a drink’s centre of gravity to keep it upright at all times to avoid spillages and even turn any folded umbrella into portable drinks stand & holder!

Additionally, Andy was also a music lover and had too often lost morning coffees trying to balance cups on the edge of bins, post boxes and wet window ledges. And all just so he could fish out his iPhone to change song track or volume. Clearly, it was now time to say no more…a Morella for coffee as well as beer was a worthwhile idea indeed.

Product design engineers, IP lawyers and manufacturers were needed, so it was time to bring in a bloke who knew some blokes…And so after 2 years, 2 professional engineering designers, 6 prototypes, 1 patent lawyer and lots and lots of blood, sweat and beers, Morella was born....

First Prototype

From our first discussions came the first prototype, created by co inventor Andrew Tan from some cardboard and nails. Then came a few more created by third co inventor Jordan Schlipf. Between us we finally created what we were to finally call Morella. Images below.



Morella's Welsh Origins:

The original idea for Morella struck whilst Ross was on holiday in Wales where, what a surprise, it was raining. Ross needed to make a quick call to his folks but also didn’t want to leave his drink in the pub, why would you? Holding an umbrella to avoid getting drenched and reaching for his phone, Ross placed his drink on the window ledge and in seconds it was gone; smashed and lost to the pavement. It had cost him his drink, but Ross had his Eureka moment!