Limited drinks spillage with Morella

We at Morella have created a umbrella cup holder with unique and patented technology which ensures the weight of the drink keeps the drink or drinks upright at all times. We are very aware that wind can be a problem with any umbrella, however this led us to try and create something which would alleviate this problem. So we created a swivel which ensures that whatever the angle of the umbrella, the drink remains in the upright position at all times as long as it is used as per the instructions. This allowed us to add 'drinks stand' as one of Morella's main uses - See below,

Festival, sports and general outdoor activity gadget

Fed up with waiting hours at a sports and music event at the drinks bar?!  Or having your beer kicked into the mud at a festival? And all because all you needed to do was fumble around in your pockets for your phone to make a call, send a message or take a photo.  Or even to quickly check your Pebble notifications. Fear not, Morella is here to lend a hand! 

Commuting Gadget

Fed up of spilling coffee on your work clothes whilst struggling in the rain with your Laptop bag, mobile phone and coffee. Well simply pop the coffee into your Morella drinks holder and answer that all important work or private notification without any fuss.

Drinks holder and stand

Grab two drinks instead of one at the busy rugby or horse racing bar. Morella is just as useful when the rain has stopped and acts as a drinks stand and carrier.

Morella is interchangeable between all umbrellas

Morella can be taken off one umbrella and fitted to another very easily. Just unscrew it and apply to another umbrella. You may prefer to use a single Morella for your commuting umbrella and the double for any outdoors events you may go to. This is what we at Morella do.

Encouraging hydration in the hotter weather

Ross visited Wimbledon tennis this year and along with 8,000 other spectators waited in the long queues outside. It was a very hot day and it was incredible how many people actually used umbrellas to shade from the sun. He saw hundreds and all these people were very close to or hugging water bottles. With the increased awareness of skin cancer and the enormous effort the skilled scientists make, it has been received well by the general public of how important it is to shade in the blistering heat. It is also vital to hydrate and we at Morella are here to assist with this.

Music Stands - Mic Stands

Morella fits to most mic stands. We understand that bands leave drinks on the floor and these could potentially be knocked over or kicked onto necessary wires and electrics associated with the bands kit. Morella keeps the drinks on the stand away from the floor. We also understand that some rock groups will have a singer who wants to rock out and behave like Ozzie with their mic stand but what about the poor bassist and the backup singers. These guys need a drink as much as the next folk and with Morella they can have a drink and perform at the same time or take a sip between their respective rifts.

Completely Tech and Battery free

You buy one Morella for life with no additional charges or constantly changing or buying batteries. Until you lose your umbrella of course.

Morella is extremely robust

We played with Morella a lot to get this product right. We had a lot of fun and broke a few in the process and we are proud to say it is not easy to do. We were committed to creating the best possible product for our customers and we believe it is now perfect.